Vineyard Wedding in North Texas
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018
By Kaley Nicole Photography
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Jon and Sarah's wedding has definitely went down in my top favorites weddings I have had a privilege to document! Maybe my fav! ;)  Their caring personalities and warm hearts overflowed to their family and guests involved in the highly anticipated day! And not to mention me! Sarah was exactly the kind of bride all should be and fit into the silhouette of a Kaley Nicole Photography bride! I can't even tally the times she told me thank you throughout the day and was just oh so polite! She was so effortlessly classy.  Their wedding took place at a beautiful winery located north of Muenster, TX. 4R Ranch Winery and Vineyard is such a lovely escape. In between the peaceful scenery that overlooked breath taking views and top notch owners of the venue, this is a place that creates absolutely gorgeous photos and memories for such a special occasion. These two had the neatest idea to incorporate within the ceremony. Jon and Sara prior to the wedding, wrote notes on the characteristics of the other person that led to them falling in love. These notes were then locked into a wooden container alongside a bottle of wine that will be opened at their 10 year anniversary! I thought this was such a sweet idea and what a surprise they have to look forward seeing where life takes them, and getting to read such a sweet reminder of where their love started. You two will have to send me a picture of you opening the box and letters when the day comes! 

The two of them and their families kept a smile on my face all day long...and not one of those forced ones we sometimes put on...but a genuine, continual, heart warming smile throughout the day. So thank you to you and your family for that! Thank you for reminding me why I absolutely love photographing weddings! 

Photography: Kaley Nicole Photography

Venue: 4R Ranch Winery and Vineyard | Muenster, Tx

Dress purchased: Pence and Penache in Burleson, Tx

Shoes: Chrsitabel Paradox London Pink

Jewelry: pearl earrings and necklace were gifts from the Bride's mom and mother-in-law

Rings: Nasr jewelers 

Hair: Jessica Norvell

Make-up: Jeni Selz     ig: jenniferrose13

Floral: Lora's Flowers in Muenster, TX   httos://

Cakes: For Heaven's Cake (Debbie Parker)

DJ: Katie Dieter

Wine Box: arrowsarah on Etsy

Heart Lavendar Sachets: The Painted Tree in Highland Village

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