Playful Downtown Gainesville, TX Engagement Photo Session
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Thursday, September 05, 2019
By Kaley Nicole Photography
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Karly and Pablo you two were a blast to ABSOLUTE blast! Shooting  an engagement session downtown Gainesville, Texas paired well with these two. The first image from the get go was a keeper..that's how I knew I would have soooo many images for them to choose from. When two individuals can be thrown into an awkward situation with someone they don't even know, and they just go for know they are up for any challenge as long as they have each other! The laughter and just enjoying the moment was such a special thing to watch and capture. I myself have been photographed and asked to laugh off to the side. I did not once have to do that with these two because the laughter was just second nature among the two of them! Karly has such a sweet spirit and I'm pretty sure that's what caught Pablo's attention (other than her GORGEOUS blue goodness those eyes are beautiful!!) Pablo was such a gentleman with Karly. As a photographer you observe the little details...and with the brushing of Karly's hair from her eyes, effortlessly guiding her to the next pose or location, and just flat out being mesmerized by her when we weren't even taking pictures! And not to mention he was a pro at nuzzling! Haha I'm so happy for these two and you can tell the love they have is so genuine that it will last for years to come! Can't wait for December!! 

 - Kaley

Kaley Nicole Photography

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