Open Fields + Dr.Pepper = Memorable Engagement Shoot
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Friday, September 20, 2019
By Kaley Nicole Photography
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I have to start off with what these two mean to our won't find a more well balanced couple who is the perfect mixture of sweetness and a little bit of crazy (you can be the judge of who is who lol). In all seriousness, we love these two and are so very blessed to not only know them but to have them in our lives. Hayden is the best adoptive uncle our boys could have...constantly sneaking them Dr. Pepper and gummy worms, yet showing them what loving people and the Lord looks like. You have influenced them more than you will ever know. I've never met a more sweet spirit than Bailey's...always supportive and so caring of others. Of course using the family land was a must for the location...but the real fun came out when Bailey surprised Hayden with a Dr. Pepper theme shoot followed by some camo. Definitely a keeper when the girl pulls out the face paint and goes all out! But can we back up for just a second and discuss how gorgeous Bailey was in that yellow dress! I mean good gosh...absolutely stunning! Hayden is soooo lucky! Haha. Here's to a happy engagement for the both of you and can't wait for your wedding! Then I'm stocking up on Dr. Pepper and candy for your future babies!!! (sorry Bailey!)

Love you both!

 - Kaley

Kaley Nicole Photography

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