Carney Engagment
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Saturday, May 19, 2018
By Kaley Nicole Photography
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Jess and Myranda's love story began all the way back in high school! Oh how I love these stories because that's where my husband's and mine began as well! We met at their home and it didn't take long to spot a wonderful open field to take engagement pictures on! How neat to have such gorgeous acreage just right outside your backyard! Be prepared to sit in awe of Myranda's beauty! Because I sure was taken back! And I'm pretty sure Jess thought so too! It was so cute to just watch him look her over and smile at how blessed he is to have her! We definitely had some moments of laughter and I know what to be on the look out for on the wedding day ;) (total inside joke) So so glad I had the chance to document a new chapter starting for these two! With Myranda's eye for fashion...I especially can not wait for the wedding day! 


Kaley Nicole Photography

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