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About Us

First of all, God is the one who deserves all the praise and thanks! HE has given us a great life and amazing family! Trent and I first met when I was 14. What started off as innocent flirting of kicking each others feet to passing notes during church service...we became known as Trent and Kaley. Trent is my best friend and we do EVERYTHING together! From capturing wedding day emotions, working in a youth ministry, serving others, coaching t-ball, traveling to Colorado, having outdoor adventures, and just doing life! We have two boys that can get us flustered in a heartbeat...and all the while put the biggest smiles on our face and laughter in our bellies. We have been capturing memories for about 10 years now and enjoy it tremendously! Being a wedding photographer/cinematographer is much more than just standing behind a camera, clicking at a button. Yes anyone can do that. Not everyone wants to provide a helping hand in a unforgettable experience that is only beginning...we do. From answering any questions, giving recommendations to being so excited to have gained new friends....we are honored to be your photographers. God Bless!